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 Cheri Platter
Faerie Hollow Studio
Precious Metal Clays -
Silver & Bronze Clay Jewelry

Cheri has been accepted into  Indiana Artisan for her silver metal clay and bronze clay jewelry.

Cheri represents the finest of Indiana craftsmen as evidenced by her acceptance into Indiana Artisan for her work in silver and bronze metal clay. Cheri's new work in jewelry, her Faerieware, is made with fine silver wire, silver and bronze clay, 22-carat gold accents, and semi-precious gemstones and findings.

All pieces made of silver art clay are 99% pure silver dust, with added binders to make the silver act and function in a clay form.

Bronze clay was developed in 2008 to work just as silver clay does, but in a more affordable medium. Each type of clay, whether gold, silver, bronze, or copper, require a specific set of techniques, firing methods, and finesse to create the perfect piece.

Being used to working with pottery for 30 years, it took a great strain off of Cheri's arms to go from 50-pound boxes of porcelain clay (three to four tons of clay each year!) to 50 to 200 gram bags of PMC clay.

Cheri's work incorporates Brown County's exquisite natural beauty, telling the story of the magic that happens in the leaves and flowers that poise themselves around Faerie Hollow. Images of dragonflies (faeries' most loved disguise!) and other natural elements fused with elements of the earth (silver, bronze, and gems) create a one-of-a-kind visual experience with which to ornament your body.

Necklaces with Handmade Silver Chains, Pendants
  Silver Dragonfly Pendant
20" handmade silver chain  - $85
Fine silver rings & leaves with Mookiate impression jasper, matte glass beads, front toggle - $139 Fine silver 10.8g textured pendant over hammered copper square, Czech beads w/earrings.
18" + extender - $139 set
        Necklaces with Semi-precious stones & Silver plated beads & findings
Bronze scarab, leaves, fairies and charms w/Amazonite gemstones on antique G.P. chain - 20 - 26"
$150 set
    Fine silver slip on pendant 9.1g on faceted 10mm squared Laboradite beads w/fine silver toggle -
 18" - $175
                                Fine Silver Earrings
                          All earwires are handmade in either sterling, sterling-filled, or 14kt gold-filled
Silver earrings - 1.25" long - $60 Fine silver 4.3g earrings w/patina - $40 Square textured silver, 1"
Dichroic glass and silver
Fine silver 4.5g w/cubic zirconia - $50 Fine silver 4.5g, 1 1/4" leaf pattern w/c.z. - $45 Fine silver 4.5g flower earrings w/c.zs - $40 Fine silver 4.9g reverse shield w/pearls - $50
     Handcrafted Fine Silver Beads                                    Earrings
      Fine silver 8.8g deco coins w/pearls - $79
                        "BRONZ" & Semi-Precious Gemstones
Bronze pendant necklace 20 to 24", red jasper w/handmade bronze chain -  $69 Bronze Clay Disk, 1 3/4" w/dragonfly pattern & matching earrings - 18" Czech bead necklace w/extender - $70   Bronze Celtic knot w/earrings and Amazonite gemstones on antique brass rolo chain - $125 set
Bronze clay charms hung on antique G.P. chain w/Czech gead compliments w/extender & earrings - $125 set Bronze clay "Queen Bee" Fairy Garden necklace set. Antique G.P. chain, Czech beads, handmade bronze clay flower, fairies, hummingbird and leaf charms.  - $150 Green patina bronze pendant w/handmade bronze chain and Czech beads. 24" - $59 Bronze clay Fairy Garden charm necklace set. Bronze fairies, hearts, leaves with sea opal glass bead accents. 20" to 26" - $150
  Special order beads -
Email for details

Please email  or call Cheri with any questions or to purchase any items on this website.
All pieces are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale.
No reproduction without permission.
2010 - 2016 by Cheri Platter.

1650 Salt Creek Road
Nashville, Indiana 47448